Cucina Vegetariana e Vegan Gluten Free Rieti

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cucina vegetale Rieti

“To your health and the health of our planet!”


Enjoying a dish at the Green Planet is an alternative experience. We like to find and cook recipes that are tasty but at the same time healthy and nutritious for the body and mind.

Food is always in season. We go beyond the conception of the menu to be free to offer a choice of always fresh dishes, which changes with each season to suit the natural rhythms.


We cook what is produced on the farm, with possible additions of products from local and organic farmers. The oil is strictly PDO olive, ground and cold pressed.

  We offer delicious plant-based cuisine, to foster an ecological and ethical balance.


Our choice is to offer VEGETARIAN, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE dishes.

We are the first who like to eat and we love Mediterranean cuisine and good taste, with us you will never find “sad” things but they are a source of nutritious and tasty experimentation!

If you suffer from any allergies and want to sit at the table with us please let us know your needs in advance, only by knowing in time we can satisfy you.